How to set up an LSI ADM3A

There's not much to say about the serial line used for that -- the ADM3A has a female 25pin serial connector labeled "Modem" at its back side, this is the port to be connected to the server, send and receive wires crossed, of course.

However, do _only_ connect RX, TX and GND. Don't connect any of the other pins, especially not Pin 22: Connecting it is said to cause the terminal to enter some kind of diagnostic mode upon receiving the bell character (Ctrl-G).

There's a peculiarity about the DIP-switches used for configuring the terminal: the pressed-down side of the DIP switch selects the settings, not the upper red one.

I recommend the following DIP switch settings:

Furthermore, select the following: I do not recommend using a serial line speed of 19200 baud. It does not work properly without some kind of flow control.