Welcome to Marc Roessler's webpage

Well.. this page seems quite rudimentary, but then again it is not about web design but about information.
Due to the fact that I'm quite a privacy nut (you almost guessed it from my publications..) and words can not adequately describe a person anyway, there are no personal details about me on this page. However I can tell you that I am neither Marc Roessler from Uni-Duisburg nor related in any way to Thomas Roessler.

  Papers 'n stuff

Computer Museum
  Siemens SICOMP M-80 series machines
  LSI ADM3A terminal

Not so serious stuff
  Stupid Bugs

Links to ..
  Operating Systems
  Security & Privacy
  Old Computers

You can reach me at marc@tentacle.franken.de.
In case you want to send something confidential please use PGP 2.6.3i. You can download my key here (but do not forget to check the fingerprint!).

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